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Future of roofs

Roofs re-reviewed


The future is the history of tomorrow. ANERDGY has been pursuing its mission since 2012 and has undergone an exciting development in the process.

Starting with the idea of bringing together multiple energy sources - wind and sun - for local energy production, we have been intensively involved in the design of buildings and roofs. It soon became clear that ANERDGY would focus on buildings and their roofs - and so we became roofing experts. With innovative processes and products we want to give back to the roof the importance it has not enjoyed since the times of Le Corbusier.

"The development status of a society can be seen on its roofs." — Sven Koehler

In this sense, we would like to contribute to improving living spaces and making them more sustainable.

Roof experts

Roof architects, roof planners, roof designers, roof software engineers, ...

ANERDGY’s specialist planners and developers work every day to provide our customers with even better support.

In addition to specialist knowledge, teamwork and personal responsibility are important to us.


Roof jobs

Without the usual risks


Would you like to help make roofs more innovative and sustainable?

At ANERDGY you can expect exciting tasks with a connection to reality. This can certainly be a challenge.

Ready to make a difference? We also accept unsolicited applications.

ANERDGY offers students internships as well as the opportunity to gain part-time work experience while studying.

You can find current job advertisements on LinkedIn and other job platforms.

How to reach us


Anerdgy Deutschland GmbH

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+49 176 344 402 81


Anerdgy AG

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