Our story

Our Mission

We believe the time is right for the next step in sustainable living, an environment where daily life is both better and greener and where our children and we live in harmony with the world around us.

Building and infrastructure technology plays an important role in this and we want to make a significant positive impact combining multi-cross-functional and stylish solutions.

»Energy. Design. Function.« are the base DNA found in all our solutions using a backbone of highly innovative components. Modularity and options give architects and planners a high degree of flexibility.

Leadership & Team

We believe in teamwork, unconventional and flexible work times, deep understanding of the relevant topics and high motivation. Our team converts multiple requirements into innovative and successful products.


The founder and managing director of Anerdgy is Sven Koehler. After several multi-preneur activities in Switzerland and Latin America and as chairman of a housing company, the time was right for a new mission. As CTO, Peter Shaw is responsible for our modular system and in particular heads the Electronics & Software division.

News, Events and press Releases


  • 2019

    • Mar
      Operational start from Anerdgy Germany
    • Jan
      Installation of the first B-60 project in Switzerland
  • 2018

    • Oct
      Inauguration of the first MRE project in France
    • Aug
      First sales of the Anerdgy Drive DRI-1.5
    • Mar
      Visit of the »China Passive Building Alliance«
    • Jan
      Jury Winner – Start-Up Pitching Germany Renewable Energy Association
  • 2017

    • Feb
      Visit of the technology parks in Hongkong & Shenzhen
  • 2016

    • Oct
      Inauguration of the first multi-family building with MRE-hybrid modules
    • Feb
      Partnership with GEWOBAG housing association & Stadtwerke Berlin
  • 2015

    • Oct
      Participation on »Swiss-US Innovation Days for Real Estate«
    • May
      GreenTec Award – TOP3 in category energy production »Bauen & Wohnen«
  • 2014

    • Dec
      Internal electronic development department has started.
    • May
      Exhibition in Hannover as part of Swiss pavillion
  • 2013

    • Dec
      First prototype is built to utilise wind & sun.
  • 2012

    • Jul
      Foundation of Anerdgy