Roof innovation

Multifunctional Roof Edge - Roof wind turbine - Roof planning software

Multifunctional Roof Edge MRE

MRE Roof Edge System

Better usage of your roof's potential

ANERDGY’s "Multifunctional Roof Edge (MRE)" is a unique and highly modular roof edge system which integrates:

  • roof edge functions
  • attractive design possibilities
  • local renewable energy production

enabling the roof edge to be activated as a usable and useful area.

The MRE offers numerous options for active roof design in new buildings and roof refurbishments. The great variability of the MRE system is essential for perfect building integration.


Rooftop windturbine

Rooftop wind energy generation

The B-60 micro wind turbine was developed by ANERDGY to combine wind and solar energy generation as easily as possible.

The B-60 is not only characterised by its striking appearance, but also by its high efficiency, a double safety system, and very quiet operation.

Energy calculator

Windturbine für Gebäude B-60

Roof planning software - RoofPlan

Efficient roof planning

Intelligent roof planning

Modern and efficient architectural planning is done in 3D planning software.

ANERDGY has taken the next step for roof planning and developed algorithms that greatly simplify manual planning. This ensures both high quality and efficiency.

As a result, professional roof planning can be accelerated considerably by ANERDGY, providing sustainable concepts, key figures and economic feasibility studies even in the early planning phase.

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