Looking for energy autonomy?
B-60 + solar + storage = maximum independence.

What is the B-60?

The Anerdgy B-60 Windpower@home is the first micro wind system that can be directly combined with a solar power system to reach plus energy buildings.

The Anerdgy B-60 was developed from the ground up. The result is a perfect solution to produce power over a wide range of weather conditions.

The wind turbine consists of two rotors that line up automatically with the main wind direction and has been designed especially for pitched rooftops.

The B-60 stands out, not only through its striking looks, but as well as through its high efficiency and unsurpassed safety systems.

What are the benefits?

  • Roof design freedom
    easy to attach to the roof, great design element
  • Local energy generation
    Easiest combination of solar & wind electricity
  • Economically viable solution
    Saving mast and cabling costs

Your Advantages


  • The combination of wind power, photovoltaics and an energy storage system significantly reduces your reliance on the grid.
  • Two separate energy sources, in combination with a battery, provide you with energy around the clock - regardless of the weather.
  • Combined with a heat pump, you additionally benefit from hot water and a warm, cosy house.
  • You produce electricity in all seasons by combining solar and wind optimally:

Electricity Production in kWh

(Production example)

Electricity Production in kWh