Your outdoor application requires a variable speed drive?
The DRI-1.5 is the perfect solution.

What is the DRI-1.5?

So called servo drives are a type of rotating machine that can be used either as motor or as generator with variable torque and speed over a wide range.

So far, the control unit and resistor was placed externally in a cupboard and connected with special shielded cables – acceptable for highly complicated CNC machines but unfortunately expensive and not ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

The fully integrated drive DRI-1.5 has a control unit and brake resistor directly integrated inside the drive housing. It can run either fully independently from external commands or via CAN-bus signals.

What are the benefits?

  • A real outdoor Drive
    Highest reliability for harsh outdoor applications.
  • High modularity
    AC or DC input/output, internal brake resistor, shaft position & gyroscope sensor
  • Highest efficiency
    Optimised design for a wide rpm & torque range; comes with a sleep mode
  • Economically viable solution
    Simplest installation & maintenance

variable drive

Enhanced efficiencies for greater savings

Enhanced efficiencies for greater savings

If the DRI-1.5 is connected to a 400 Volt DC bus, it can achieve the highest efficiency and run either as a generator or motor - also called 4 quadrant drive. If connected to 220 Volt AC, the drive can run as a motor with slightly lower efficiency.

The drive is optimal for windturbines, waterturbines, cogen units for example or for driving machines such as ventilators and industrial machines.

The full internal programming option allows a perfect adaption and running for various characteristic curves and process parameters.

The DRI-1.5 can be connected directly to a certified PV inverter – Hence, the generated energy is injected to the electricity grid (single-phase or three-phase).

Efficeny: Generator / Motor

3-in-1 Drive

By bringing together these features into one device, the installation is significantly simplified:

  • Brushless permanent magnet servo drive
  • Control unit
  • Non-continuous brake load

Technical Data

  • Nominal power: 1.5 kW
  • Drive generation speed: 200 – 2500 rpm
  • Drive motor speed: 0 – 2500 rpm
  • Dimensions: 230mm × 105mm × 105mm
  • IP64 , optional IP67